Top 5 Gaming/Streaming Microphones 2019!


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    With the Holidays coming and the year ending, it's time to take a look at the best gaming & streaming microphones from 2019!
    • Razer Seiren Emote:
    • Rode PodMic:
    • ModMic USB:
    • HyperX Quadcast:
    • Blue Yeti X:
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    • Sony A7III:
    • Sigma 18-35 Lens:
    • Sigma 50mm:
    • Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
    • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:
    • FalconEyes LED Light:
    • Rhino Slider:
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    1. randomfrankp

      Remember to the countless people asking about a mic that came out YEARS ago - this is best of 2019. Come on lol


        You should include razer mini mic

      2. claudimeri lang


      3. Bugo

        What about the shure sm7b

      4. Sweetboyfrankie

        randomfrankp the quality of this video is beyond me

      5. Lorkie


    2. Ice_

      Guys I’m pretty stuck here... I don’t know whether to go for the Blue Yeti or the HyperX mic

    3. Doobley Live

      Hyperx has never let me down they are great gonna get me one seriously thank you for all you do your explanations are all ways great and I always go off of your comparisons because you're honest and you care about our happiness instead of sponsors happiness for real thank you

    4. Soviet Squidward

      I’m a bit annoyed you had to commentate the entire time you were typing because I’m not going to be talking the entire time I’m playing and i want to hear what it sounds like when I’m not talking.

      1. Soviet Squidward

        @randomfrankp sorry should’ve given a bit better criticism should’ve said if you do something like this again I would like to see how the keyboard sounds when not talking, sorry for being a bit rude.

      2. randomfrankp

        You’ll live

    5. AMV Works

      I'm thinking about getting a rode podmic. But I have a few questions. Do you really need a audio interface, or is it already loud enough that you don't need gain? If so, what audio interface would you reccomend? My budget for the mic and interface combined is about $200. I also play on PC, if that helps.

    6. Alex The Dreamer

      Not really gaming or streaming mics most of them are for music

      1. randomfrankp

        You can use a microphone for whatever you want...these aren’t just for music. Lmao what

    7. Fathema Sultana

      I will not go to Turkey or UAE. David and Ben are characterless boy.

    8. DuckLingGaming

      What’s the best noise canceling mic? My dog barks a lot.. and my stepmom can be super loud sometimes. 🥲

    9. Micheal Bart


    10. Omar Alfalasi

      Whats the rode stand name ?

    11. Noah Bailey

      When both rode and razer lose to a headset mic...

    12. ArgaboizZ

      Rode POG mic

    13. Zmil YT

      I just got myself the Blue Yeti X. So excited!

    14. Amber Paige

      Can you shut the fuck Up during a keyboard test

      1. randomfrankp

        Need a new diaper?

    15. MrLeonJ

      this dude look like shrek in human form

    16. 99KINGZ

      what mic are u using for your videos?

    17. ThatRoundyKid

      "Please use headphones" Me watching while eating chips : *n o*

    18. JBenz

      Okay tied for best sound Razor Seiren and HyperX quadcast

    19. JBenz

      Is it just me or did the Razor Seiren sound the best? Or did RF not have the mic being picked up???

    20. BasicYosh

      “make sure you watch with headphones” *me with my airpod pros: ah, yes magnificento*

    21. Autismo

      Just buy a Mozos MKIT-900PRO. It's like 40$, comes with all the accessories and sounds great.

    22. Jackson playz

      Guys I hope you all have a great day and I hope your family is doing well and I hope you know god loves you

    23. Grantzke

      what audio interface are you using? that podmic sounded way worse than ive heard it from my uses...

    24. James Dong

      Remember to the countless people asking about a mic that came out YEARS ago - this is best of 2019. Come on lol

    25. Wyatt Horn

      I HATE Razor synapse


      great Video. Thank you. I have on my new channel short travel videos from Europe. Take a look if you have time. Best regards from Switzerland.

    27. Dippy

      0:00 i think he is randomfrankp

    28. Ruatpuia Hs

      Can I use earphone

    29. GardyLoo ✓

      This man knows what he is doing kekW

    30. Eat The World - Fairy Tale Vlog - etw recipe -

      I have a very soft voice 😓 and having a hard time finding a good mic for me🤔any recommendation for someone who has a soft voice?

    31. Dr. Noobie

      Nice, very helpful

    32. Casual Tech

      those mics are all usb so they suck. Why didnt you actually find good mics and not these pieces of crap.

    33. Jill Snyder

      Definitely getting the hyperx quadcast when i make my setup. It will go perfect with the red and black theme.

    34. Variant lvcidz

      How I think the list should go based on my opinion: 5. ModMic USB 4. Razer Seiren Emote 3. HyperX Quadcast 2. Rode PodMic 1. Blue Yeti X

    35. Jonas Strange Sandstrøm

      I can finally stop using my HyperX headset microphone🤣

    36. zawi

      razer mic fucking suck

    37. Ehh who cares

      Everyone who didn’t wear a headset 👇

    38. anki


    39. Big Maclol

      You should have done some other mics to compare what other people already have to see if its worth getting a new one

    40. EPIC GAMER

      Me casually listening to the mic test with subtitles.

    41. ZIDAN

      It sucks when you see somebody living your dream and you cant do nothing😔

    42. Jacob Griffis

      frank said that's some important stuff, that should be a meme template.

    43. drink liquid :}


    44. Mow Better

      You do a great job thank you

    45. VEXUS

      hyperx quadcast is the best microphone here

    46. Olek Parker

      ty for the vid i got the blue yeti cuz of this vid :) my headset mic do be a little trash

    47. Ethan Quigley

      can I use the hyper x mic on Xbox?

    48. _SilenceSlice_

      I want one but I dont know I only get a few viewers like 20 but I want to have a better sound quality for my viewers even tho I dont have any lol

    49. sxpexzz

      Razor 1:02 Pod 3:30 Mod usb 5:25 Highper X 7:57 Blue yeti x 11:28 Thank me later

    50. bovta

      1:22 voice mod guy?

    51. ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ

      1.69M subs *noIcE*

    52. Artemiy Simachkov

      Of course, it's my opinion, but actually it isn't necessary to pay for this. They are pretty expensive and useless.

    53. Cactus Jerry art

      I want hyper x but idk if i can get it for chrismas

    54. eggdog

      bruhh how am i gonna go with my yeti touching my keyboard with my mx blues 💀💀💀

    55. Azuriah

      what’s a better mic the HyperX Quadcast or the Blue Yeti?

    56. Keri Harguess

      I know this video is old, but I recently bought the blue yeti x and it sounds terrible, it sounds like there’s so much static and it’s so loud no matter what I’ve done. I’ve tried just about every “fix” that I’ve found on youtube.. nothing seems to work.. the only thing that works is if I turn down my camera mic recording settings.. WAY down.. but then it sounds like I’m far away, and if I turn up the gain the static sound comes back.. idk what to do.. I’ve tried it in different rooms of the house and it sounds the same everywhere! Do you have any advice for me??

    57. NAW Qubert


    58. funnibird

      the audio to video sync hurts my eyes

    59. No Videos more

      does the razer siren x sounds the same as the razer siren emote?

    60. AaronBL0X ツ

      I just use a crossair headset

    61. Ty Pacot

      This was made a day before my birthday and i was actually looking into getting a microphone for my birthday this year

    62. Quakewr

      Me, just wants to talk to my friends on discord

    63. Lozey

      Cool i need thats for my 3k viewers

      1. DuskGaming


    64. Fire Diamond

      In my opinion the haperx sounds the best

    65. Charlie Baker

      that rode mic sounded awfull

    66. Levi Zeuner

      I have the podmic

    67. Simon

      2020 version??

    68. calebobrien 94

      When you pressing the key's, pleaseeeee don't speakkk🤦‍♂️

    69. Yeet Boi

      Bru theres no gain control because its xlr why would it be on the mic

    70. R K

      No samson Gtrack pro review? really?

    71. Butters

      It sucks that the Quadcast is always out of stock, and the ones that are being sold by third parties are almost $200...

    72. bardenhick TV

      HD800S casual flex in the background

    73. EveTaylor - Dog tricks, Training and More

      I started my Dog trick training channel about 2 months ago and have 43 subscribers my goal is 100 and I can’t wait to get there🎉😊

    74. Mahmuda Akter

      But the prize is very

    75. PandaBaer16915

      did anyone else hear a DING in the middle of the mic test?

    76. Noah Rakestraw

      Do these work on xbox ?

      1. Asin8n シ

        All i know is that the HyperX quadcast doesn't work with the xbox

    77. Bu7assans 1

      guys which one do i take the blue yeti x or hyperx quadcast or elgato wave 3

      1. Asin8n シ

        quadcast 1000%

    78. vin B

      here at 1,111,111 views

    79. RedStoneExploder 38

      Razer seirin TF why 100 dollars

    80. Broken Switch

      For the pod mic does it come with a mute button

      1. Asin8n シ


    81. Roberto Martinez

      When corona wasn't a thing lol

    82. Pooky

      samson g track pro?

    83. Aserlet

      Me: Cool! I want to buy one! My wallet: Uhhhh no you wont

    84. MythRBX

      ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩՏT 🔥 Lets grow together!

    85. Gabriel Mugen Gonzalez

      u should also add if they're compatible with consoles

    86. Blumea_ProStyle

      i think i'mma buy the Shure SM7B

    87. Koen Crank

      Imma just get a fifine

    88. Orbit Absolute

      the blue yeti x destroyed the rest on the list

    89. LaZeR Infinity

      Will my mod mic sound as good if I plug it straight into my laptop?

    90. HONSIN CN

      i am microphone factory

    91. Your everyday person

      Great video thanks for the reviews

    92. Starboy IX

      i bought the hyperx quadcast and it sounds very bad... I've been looking for help everywhere if someone can help that would be great

      1. Asin8n シ

        it should be refundable on amazon

    93. Sten Noordijk

      Eyy we have the same headset corsair hs70 right?

    94. Spoonymanynoops

      Yay I can now know how to give my 15 viewers the most listening pleasure

    95. Stormz Ψ

      Cool got the quad cast for my 2 viewers on twitch 🦦 Twitch: TTV_STORMZx

    96. Lianne Stanners

      I'm just watching thus to help out Nickmercs

    97. MTGPRO

      bro, i LITERALLY got ASMR from the third option on the hyperx mic

    98. AeXniiy ķ

      ❤️️❤️️❤️️ ..

    99. c o l d

      When you get an ad for a mic and you think it’s the real video

    100. Jon Zdovc

      why does he sound like PopularMMOs