Time for some setup mods...and fails.


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    Welp I wanted to do some mods to my setup and some peripherals, but things don't always turn out the way I want lol. Oh well, got some good stuff coming up so stay tuned!
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    1. CH Blaze

      I was eating and this thumbnail pops up

    2. CH Blaze

      I was eating and this thumbnail pops up

    3. CH Blaze

      I was eating and this thumbnail pops up

    4. CH Blaze

      I was eating and this thumbnail pops up

    5. CH Blaze

      I was eating and this thumbnail pops up

    6. Sam

      Can you re-mod the glass shp9500's by installing a magnet that u/that1waffle did to his and testing it out? Apparently it makes a huge difference in sound clarity and bass

      1. randomfrankp


    7. Pratham Gaddam

      Pls make a review on Cosmic Byte CB GK 14

    8. Lars

      He can make his logo with nanoleafes.

    9. Asaki Lee

      It's okay to fail sometimes the entertainment lies in the experiment. Thanks for sharing

    10. Rodolfo Obre

      Can u review the philips shp9500? I recently bought one and Im waiting for them to come in. It'll be awesome to hear your thoughts on the headphones.

      1. Rodolfo Obre

        Nvm lol I commented before watching

    11. Anton Puno

      Vids like these are epic! I think it was great you posted it. Its refreshing to see trial and error. If something is way too perfect all the time its buh boringggg. Loved this vid my dude!

    12. Mark

      Can someone send me the link to his desktop wallpaper?

    13. Sean Tamngin

      A day in the life would be cool!

    14. Emily Akins

      I have quickly learned that your videos provide the most thorough analysis on up and coming tech! Thanks for the hard work and passion, Frank! :-)

    15. anthony loprete

      where do you get the live wallpers

    16. OA B

      Man. Just found your channel some weeks ago. Thanks for putting out so many great videos. Have really helped me through some boring quarantine days. Thanks!

    17. Cheese on Everything

      you sure the glass filter isn't held together by the metal ring that's unscrewable? usually camera filters have a little notch on the metal ring so you can just unscrew using a tiny screw driver.

    18. Aaron Howe

      When they make the headphones they'll spec driver and tune them based on whether they are open or closed so changing them after the fact is just going to ruin the sound.

    19. Soggi_Pancakes

      I have the same carpet as You

    20. Lucky

      Day in the life!!!

    21. zuyed

      do a Vlog! I would very much enjoy one :)) keep up the good content either way!

    22. Willi Hansen

      Why they haven't managed to come up with a flat cable for the damn nano leaf I don't know.

    23. Clifford gray

      Hey frank that NLname logo light you have. Where did you get that? I’d really appreciate it if you could help me. My friend wants one with his logo but can’t find it anywhere online. I’m just wondering where you were able to get a custom logo light. Please and thank you

    24. Yousuf Sameed

      Give me those heaphones man.

    25. JustMoe

      Whats that wallpaper? I neeed it

    26. GOOSE

      What mousepad are you using in this setup?

    27. Michael Gorman

      Love the lights I cannot wait to get mine to put them up. I do like hoe you put them on the ceiling

    28. Arturo Tabera

      You can buy 58mm round glass sheets online.

    29. Auto


    30. AHSK 1901

      where can you get that pc wallpaper?

    31. edwin k

      Behind the scenes sort of vlog.

    32. Nick Pisarczyk

      what the heck is that wallpaper it's sick

    33. Shay Vella

      Honestly it was a good decision posting and being more honest than most other NLnamers.

    34. Bobby Tsunami

      If you have a 3D printer you could always print some shallow corner brackets that cup the edge of the nano leaf lights and mount it to the drywall for extra oomph.

    35. Ham Man

      Align ur damn monitors already

    36. J Martin

      Might as well do both!

    37. Awais Baig

      We want a day in the life vlog

    38. Adi Kurniah

      Wallpaper name?

    39. Hayden Keep

      Gotta share your failures too man, it's good for the community. Just a lesson learned!

    40. Rob Wallace

      I'd like to see both kind of vlogs, maybe a short one of the behind the scenes, and then an extended one with a day in the life including some of the editing /behind the scenes aspects?

    41. Your PCMD

      Frank: With the weather being nice out... Also Frank: says inside..

    42. dieNudel21

      Pleaase, why u using Spotify to Test Headphones?

      1. dieNudel21

        yeah ok it was just a comparison

    43. InfiniteNote

      Both but 2 more

    44. Not Yellow Submarine

      I like non 4K frank. You look more normal and relatable

    45. ZeroNyte

      the sound of the headphones (10:50) probably also depends on the thickness of the glass

    46. Emil Kirkegaard

      1:07 In your face RGB!

    47. The Original Bamboo Manufacturing Company, LLC.

      brainwaves XL hybrid pads do the most for shp9500...

    48. _chaos_ fre4k

      It's not a fail if everyone gets learn from it. So now whoever watches this video will not mod their shp9500 with glass back and won't try that PTFE lubricant on a cloth mousepad xD

    49. Mijn naam12345678910

      hahaha a two tone ginger :p He cannot even hang things straight hahaha

    50. Alem Kalender

      A day in the life!

    51. LilAznKayProductions

      Would've love to see how you ran that wire for your Nanoleaf across your ceiling (wall)...

    52. Nobaris

      nice way to turn your open back headphones into closed back. now you lose the good sound, hope you enjoy it

    53. Kyle B

      Day in the life

    54. Ben Smith

      been interesting seeing all these people upgrading their home offices with this self isolating stuff. ive shown them the "ikea desk hack"

    55. brandy alcantara

      Hey frank when is unloaded coming back

    56. Harrison Banda

      Great video Frank, really is a wild time in the world hey, appreciate the content though. Wanted to know, on the headphones, would you say the Phillips are better than the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x? Was planning on getting those till i saw this vid lol would really appreciate an opinion

    57. Spearin

      Can't stand that monitor setup! They don't match, different sizes, etc.

      1. randomfrankp

        Lmao are you serious? They’re all curved monitors mounted in the wall, any perspective of the camera that isn’t exactly straight on will make them look misaligned, especially if they aren’t currently all set straight on my wall mount. It’s pretty much common sense when it comes to curved monitors. Also, you should use to learn your brain. When sitting in front of my desk, I do not need to “crank my neck and stare up at the ceiling” as you so dramatically think. It’s literally a glance of a few inches. Anything else you want to cry about?

      2. Spearin

        @randomfrankp ​ Also why two on bottom one on top!? Do you stare at the ceiling when reading stream chat (I assume it's a stream setup) and crank your neck to the side to game (swivel chair to side to game)!? Just seems odd to have that arrangement...

      3. Spearin

        @randomfrankp exact same....hmmm. then explain why is the bottom right monitor so much lower than the left at the 10:04 mark!?

      4. randomfrankp

        What? They’re literally all the same exact model. Yikesssss

    58. Ms.Jazmin

      Love your videos!

    59. Elloli

      you should get dynamat/car dampening for the shp9500 mod, because it reduces the treble and increases bass slam (i did that on my own HD 650 combined with some high density foam)

    60. Seemingly content Patrick w/ 5 gal. jug on head

      What is the wallpaper at 3:37?

    61. Itay Lankri

      Day in a life

    62. Bizklaust deity

      I got a home quarantine for 2 weeks starting today so keep us entertained with these vlogs~

    63. NeonCyberSamurai

      Stay safe RFP , and to answer your question , i would love to see more a Day in the Life type vlog !

    64. TtvJack Sparrow

      I have been watching for a long time now! I've gotta say I love how you sit back and relaxed. It is a tough time right now, and it's time everyone took a step back and just be grateful for what they have. You can replace a job/items/etc. You can't replace family and friends. Enjoy the time you have!

    65. agentYellowHalo

      No shit it's gonna sound terrible, what did you expect?

    66. Andrew Filion

      “I had the itch” ...... paused me: oh this got personal

    67. Justin Fisk

      A day in the life would be rad.

    68. Kiko

      Ngl you would be so pretty in make up

    69. GaryT 69

      I wonder what his electric bill is

    70. M Ryan Green

      Where do you get your desktop backgrounds? Thanks!!

    71. Shevon Salmon

      wtf nothing is wrong with the mic

      1. randomfrankp

        Yeah, after the immense editing

    72. Beardrunneraj

      Nice to see what doesnt work, thank you for the video. Not everything has to work out perfectly.

    73. Tommy Strelnikoff

      What wallpaper is that. I just searched wallpaper engine for an hour and couldn't find it

    74. Zapharus

      Hey, what's the futuristic city live wallpaper on your monitors? Where can I get it?

    75. XBL YeIek

      WaSsUp GuYs Im RaNdOm FrAnK peeeh

    76. EFN

      Make more custom keyboard videos

    77. Steven Kunkel

      Been a long time watcher and cant wait for your new content, check my feed everyday for your new videos, keep it up. Also a day in the life would be AMAZING, i love the vlog style and love to see whats new with you man.

    78. Alieu Faal

      My mans listening to Jay Elec! Good Taste 👌🏾

    79. cheychey41

      Enjoyed the video still even if things didn’t pan out how you thought. Thanks for thinking of all of us during this crazy time! Can’t wait for the next vid :)

    80. CopyrightStrike Songs

      4:11 those look like some nice cheap good headphones

    81. Twiztid N1nja

      Hey Frank, videos not a fail to experiment and try things out, and its very entertaining to watch either if its a win or a fail so keep it coming out man! i love all the content you put out so keep up the hard work! Love Peace and Chicken Grease

    82. Monty.

      you said it was a good video to kickback and watch and yea that exactly what i was doing lol great vid man

    83. taurenbull5

      What is that animated wallpaper? It looks so niceeeeee

    84. JustDynamix

      Hey Frank a while back you reviewed the Corsair void pro, and recently they have made a void elite. (Similar headset, better quality) and I think it would make a pretty cool review

    85. zype

      *Wakes up from coma* Everyone is scared of some muhfucka CoVid19

    86. Tim Schmit

      Hey man. Thanks for sharing your "fails". It shows you're human and not ashamed to own up to it. Either way I found this inspiring and I'm wanting to see what little things I can do to spice things up in my game room. Thanks for the video.

    87. dizi17

      Dude, COVID-19. Everyone's working from home. You gotta do home office set up!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    88. TheWarHawk 27

      skeptical bout putting them on the roof but turned out amazing

    89. Brad Burkhart

      Thanks for taking my mind of Covid 19 for 15:44. Keep up the good work!

    90. DankoleClouds

      "I was debating on even posting this..." But then he remembered he had bills to pay this month.

    91. Grayer Davis

      i respect the jay electronica vibes

    92. TurboChicken

      Do a day in my life video.

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      the mouse hack is really good tho!!!

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      Recently watched one of your video and now I’m hooked.keep up the great work 👍 🔥🔥🔥

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      Really enjoyed this vlog - both would be cool but my vote goes toward day in the life

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