Revisiting Razer’s FIRST Gaming Mouse & Keyboard!


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    The Razer Boomslang was the first "gaming" mouse in 1999, then came the Razer Tarantula in 2006. Let's check them both out today!
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    1. randomfrankp

      What other “revisiting” tech do you want to see?

      1. Alan Chen

        the old razer viper

      2. Goated Warrior


      3. Rock 10042

        Hot wheels pc

      4. Frito Bandito

        The first Corsair Case, keyboard and mouse.

      5. Asriel Dreemurr

        cooler master

    2. Lxfe Sxcks

      that must be such a food mouse for drag clicking


      don't paracord the mouse, its a heirloom.

    4. ThisChaoticKnight

      I used one of the Collectors edition Boomslangs until just a few years ago. It was an updated version with a laser censor insted of a trackball. As for holding it... My fingers and hands are so long that I can palm it and still hold it in front of the side buttons. I honestly had a challenge finding a replacement that I felt comfortable with when the rubber on the buttons wore out XD

    5. MOG Playz

      His speakers look like Xbox Series S’s (0:00)

    6. Ailyn Febrer

      Greetings from Ailyn 📍

    7. Ducky

      dude you're ginger. Hair die wont change that.

    8. Anjo Magro

      Now: MAN THIS RAZER VIPER ULTIMATE IS AWESOME 20 years later: This thing is garbage

    9. Luis Travaglini

      I have razer CopperHead mouse 😂 somewhere...

    10. Nick Minerva

      You sound a lot like Popularmmos...

    11. Pineapple

      when this 1999 mouse has better glide than your mouse..

    12. NotScummy


    13. hotmeal

      I actually enjoy rubberdome switches. I have been using my random hp office keyboard for many years now, and still just freaking love the feeling of it. Ive also had mechanical keyboard but didn’t like the feel, I think it had some linear keyswitches in it.

    14. Matthew H

      Recycling content. How lazy. Terrible video I'm embarrassed for you

      1. randomfrankp

        Lmao what??

    15. Mik Mik


    16. cotevelino

      best gaming mouse is X7

    17. Henri Du Plessis

      I think you hold it like a tv remote

    18. Korny

      gamers, take notes, this is our heritage and our history

    19. ً

      Guy: **touches mouse* Hands: Adios

    20. Sgt Flashback

      Had one of those, they were a big hype. Only useable at 5-10cm/360° above that it skipped like hell. A shame because it really felt good. At least mine did - razer has a long history of poor qc. Later got their first true optical. Same problem, skippy as fck. Got me an ms intelli after that, it was far superior than any razer stuff at the time (and half the price). Then the mx500 came along. Logitech user ever since.

    21. ARSR

      Where did you get that wallpaper ? :0

    22. Penny

      3:35 where can I get that mousepad?

    23. ChristoGamerQc

      At 1:30 is that normal if your hand half way invisible?

    24. RegularGuyReacts

      Nah, Logitech G-15 keyboard was ahead of its time

    25. wlogan0204

      the only thing i want razer to reproduce is the deathstalker

    26. Mr Kahoobadoo

      Razer is cool but so far both things I have bought from them have either been broken or not functioning right out of the box.

    27. Dániel Gáspár

      F*** 1999

    28. Jensi Oquendo

      The fact that Razer still has drivers for the Boomslang and the Tarantula shows that even if their stuff may break, they will never relent. They do not give up on their products.

      1. Jaalan

        Mmm, yea okay....

    29. Clipse D

      Ita a mouse in a bush

    30. Kyrie OW-

      Razer's first gaming mouse was the original Diamondback (clear back), paid about 75 euros for it. Boomslang came out quite a few years after.

    31. kramler

      You need either a steel mat, or glas plate to get the optimal experience with boomslang

    32. Just Vibing

      My dad still have that keyboard

    33. Grease_Monkki

      He looks like the type of kid to steal your base ball then tell his mom that you stole it from him

    34. Stiaan Coetzee

      So,Boomslang is an actual snake in South Africa. Its a highly venomous snake...and Frankie here just destroyed that pronunciation 🤣🤣

    35. Cameron Rosen

      not gonna lie, a revamped tarantula with the same features with 2020 aesthetic and functional upgrades, would be one heck of a flagship keyboard.

    36. Zoinks

      The keyboard soundtest is orgasmic and the mous gives me anxiety

    37. Skroogle McGoogle

      I had that keyboard, that thing in the middle top was a place to hold a usb light

    38. Prod Zentar Radio

      This is what he typed during the sound test: *IF YOU READ THIS YOURE GAY HAHAHAHAH* jk

    39. Ewa Awm

      Is it only me who thought it looks like Korok from Legend of Zelda?

    40. kaptajn waterstradt

      That sounds like my keyboard

    41. Miguel Serpa

      The boomer slang

    42. SoloRiotz

      I remember us in lab class removing the track balls and throwing it about class and the school 😂

    43. David Kva

      They used trackballs on the mouse when I was in kindergarten, I’m 15

    44. David Kva

      Damn that’s ugly

    45. aQuA_ThrAsher

      What mousepad is that, looks dope as hell

    46. Ayrain

      I have a keyboard from 2014 and its still nice as new

    47. Queso Kid

      Ah yes, good ol trackball mice. So many early school memories.

    48. 7ordank

      Should have called it the razer cell dbz edition

    49. Jakob

      Minecraft Player says: the Mouse is good vor Butterfly Clicking xd

    50. E Boi

      Jokes and you I’m 12 and I’ve been stuck with a trackball mouse since I first started gaming

    51. TheGalacticL0rd

      Idk why but if if this mouse got re-realesed in 2020 but more modern but the same shape, i think it would be called the 'Razer RattleSnake'

    52. Yetsu

      Just a quick tip, the boomslang is pronounced boo-um-slung

    53. DEATHstroy_ LP

      This kinda looks like my gaming setup...

    54. PowerTrip

      That keyboard is actually pog

      1. Skillshare

        hell yeah

    55. mrcowybeef


    56. Nguyen Thien

      The keyboard sounds ok

    57. Owen Haughton

      i think he really talked this up lmao

    58. s0CluM5y311

      Wait wait why isn’t anyone talking about how he’s ghost when showing off the mouse?!?

    59. Decro

      imagine gaming and accidently putting your pc to sleep. Rip

    60. Watermelontastic

      The way he says button just really gets to me. Where's he from/what accent is this?

    61. Freez JBL

      I neeeeeeed to abuse or dragclick it

    62. Liamlop

      *pops out trackball* Me: AAAAAAA ITS ADORABLE

    63. gg gaming

      At 5:40 the headphone jack looks like a smiley face

    64. Mista Boi Boi

      Ngl if razer released that keyboard today i would buy it

    65. RedGamma

      I saw someone trying to sell this as a viper mini on amazon once

    66. boohk

      The mouse weighs more than a all in 1 vr headset. In that there is a whole pc, mix, cameras, and headphones, again, all in one

    67. Call Me E #Resimp

      The Tarantula "dock" is for the ,,Razer BattleLight" its a blue light to eluminate the keyboard!

    68. GURB

      A tin... 😭😂

    69. Optify

      I NEED a 100% button, there are so many times where i accidentally press control why trying to scroll and its so annoying to try and get back to 100%

    70. carlolo956

      My dad helped designed some of the razer tarantula. That dock is an ipod dock

    71. momorain

      I bet some Russian dude rushed b a lot of times with that bad boy in csgo.

    72. XD_KA1

      Only south Africans will know the snake it is named after

    73. YumYumPizza

      the mouse and keyboard is older than me

    74. Toy Bonnie SFM

      When razer is older than you 😢

    75. Fynnchiboy

      From mechanical mouse to mechanical keyboard

    76. Hjaliz

      That made 4 Windows 98!

    77. James Barnes

      Greetings from South Africa! Boomslang translates to "tree snake" in Afrikaans where I come from.

      1. FluZ_Dreezy

        Little shit

    78. Caillouface

      What is that shooting aim game that u were using???

    79. Frito Bandito

      Id love to see the first Corsair Case

    80. BD2 Gaming

      you know it is sad when a 2001-2009 key board is better than a 2017 one that is classified as "best gaming" or something like that

    81. Late night Creature

      RANDOMFRANK P YES RRRRR YEAH FUCK YES Sorry jsut love these videos and had to show some excitement

    82. Trxtle

      *opens Windows Vista* its time to game.

    83. Detonite

      I have a razer tarantula keyboard but the macro keys are stuck because of all the dust over the years of not using it can anyone tell me how to fix it?

    84. Real Syre

      Did you clean the keyboard with vodka?

    85. isREEL delaCUUZ

      Play doom eternal on an etch a sketch

    86. Insertnoobname Sometimes Dylan

      If I’ve ever seen a ninja turtle mouse this was it

    87. Limeno16 X

      Love it😘

    88. the ultimate Frogman

      Razer boomer mouse

    89. Crnell_

      Germans Who Play BEdwars : Drag Clicking 40 CPS On RAzers FIRST gaming mice

    90. FAQU GANG

      Why he is looking like he is not real

    91. Ricky Ainsworth

      That port thing on keyboard is for a “battle light” weird thing

    92. Austrinas -


    93. Brainless Stories

      How does this guy only have 1million subs?

    94. Anton Sjöstrand

      Mouse 4 & 5 in 1999? Damn

    95. Fornite_god 562

      They had free macro

    96. Bátor Sztanity

      After half a year of ignoring this video, finally watched it

    97. I dont know what I'm Doing with my life

      Membrane may be bad, but if its high quality it can sound weirdly good.

      1. poo butt hoe

        As long as it's clicky and tactile I don't mind

    98. beanwithbacon

      Razer was aboslute trash back then and they've managed to keep that same trend going for 2 decades...

    99. MrPanda

      5:40 that microphone and headset plugs look very happy

    100. StellarDudes

      Shout out to Bruce greene !