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    We bought a fuggin house, time for a BRAND NEW GAMING SETUP AND STUDIO!
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    1. Hogan

      You should do a tech review on your shower.

      1. randomfrankp

        I’ll pass

    2. ironman12328

      Should I really ask, How much did this House Cost… This Is Gigantic…. I mean Here in Europe, A House like this Size would be a 10 - 20, 25 maybe 30 Million Euro House without Anything Inside... How many Quadrat Meters... (or your Stupid Quadrat feet) and How big is your Yard... Just Unbeliveable…

    3. Steve Jobs

      How many square feet is your house?

    4. Tech Team

      Your dog is so cute!

    5. Lucas Steffensen

      How much for the house?

    6. Ding Chavez

      what kind of girl would put up with this annoying ass dude? going to guess shes just after that youtube money, smart move girl. such a lazy fucking dude, doesnt even want to paint his own room.

      1. randomfrankp

        😂 cry some more kid

    7. accidentalgenius

      This house is sick as **************

    8. Cristian seiceanu


    9. Hareshwar Sinha

      How much did it cost ???

    10. Gullideggl

      why am i watching this..?

    11. Wyatt S.

      How much did that cost!

    12. Christian Buendia

      Damn that is a house, congrats!

    13. Renga

      hopefully 1 mill on christmas for you

    14. dfnkt

      Coming Spring 2019, Best Mowers Under $2,000

    15. Francis Camilo

      What state?

    16. AxleKlown

      What state are you in?

    17. Jason

      RFP, that house is incredible, wish some of the developers would start building houses like that here in Northern Ireland, any houses I have seen that come remotely as close to yours are ridiculous prices :-( Good luck in the new houses guys and look forward to all the epic videos!

    18. Shwagks J

      How did u look for that house man

    19. Oldgames1000

      Not my business, but this house had to cost at least $499,999. Probably more.

    20. CimInc

      Just get robot lawnmowers. My in-laws has a yard maybe 3-4 times that size, and they got 2 robot mowers keeping that nice and tight.

    21. ROGER LEE

      Congrats Frank! Can't wait to see how you see your setup......dying to see if you will do a time lapse video of your studio making.

    22. Dylan Rider

      E.A.G.L.E.S. EAGLES!!

    23. Romaan Ahmad

      Hella nice house

    24. ItsRemiix

      Me looking at the house and how many lights he turned on without turning them off *my electric bill senses are tingling*

    25. MIchael Cahill

      OMG you have a Corgi!

    26. Quintis

      Bro, this house is fucking amazing!

    27. AS1PANDA

      You deserve more man

    28. Joel Derham

      Put a pool table in the background

    29. Bricksomniac

      Awesome mansion

    30. The Legend20STFU


      1. randomfrankp


    31. Sprits Fal

      4:45 Wow, you could frame that scene! Very nice house cg. But that is a LOT of yard to mow lol

    32. AJxXxstyles

      This house seems like a freaken great place! where is this at?

    33. sycstix

      that may be a bread proofer?

    34. Dave Bailey

      Live in it for a while before you make changes. It will evolve into the perfect home you guys. Beautiful home.

    35. turn keyproductions

      Nice houseeee

    36. William Lövgren

      Congratulatio to the new house! Thats more off a mansion! :) Many good vids will be maked their!

    37. esdras cortez

      Nice house

    38. The Ritual Channel

      Hello corgi!

    39. John Weland

      How big is that place man! I'm in 2500sqft (3000sqft if I finish the second half of the basement) and your new pad looks likes its twice that!

    40. SEEBA1899

      Take off that bell from your dog bc s animals have better hearing than people. And it's hurting his ears

    41. Costas Charalambous

      Yo Frank, congrats on the house. BTW that unknown oven is a convection steam oven. Can cook/bake/roast with both dry air or steam. Good luck dude.

    42. Alexander Banks

      Holy shit, my entire apartment complex can fit in your yard. Congrats.

    43. pug138

      Lovely house mate! Looking forward to the setup!

    44. Dawson Knackstedt

      The thing above your oven is a proofer. Its for bread and helps it rise.

    45. Axel Kowalewsky

      WTF. With techporn?

    46. Tech Stories Gr

      Nice house!!!!!!Very good job where is that place?please inform us.

    47. Terabyte Tech

      Makes me so happy to see you becoming so successful man. Been a follower since 100k. Keep up the great work!

    48. fig8man

      your lil corgi is so cute

    49. The Roach

      that thing above the oven looks like it might be a proving drawer for baking or something

    50. Cash_MNY

      anyone else thinking about a giant nerf war in this house?

    51. Slish

      500,000 vbucks he wont pin this (joke)

    52. joao ferreira

      Frank redo the carpet floors, wood floors are so much nice, the carpet stains and it looks nasty asf. It will also start to smell. I despise that carpeted floor

      1. randomfrankp

        Nope, keeping carpet for sound absorption

    53. aaron letchford

      Sick house 🏡 👍🏻

    54. Sweet Cup

      Does your wife have a channel of any kind?

    55. Ricky Matharu


    56. Fawaz Aljohani

      congrats man, nice wife, house and dog (: its been hell of a journey man, I remember when you were filming in your parent's house, then you got an apartment and now an awesome house Now I'm waiting for a video about you making your house a smart one, it's going to be sick

    57. maxzzz

      Does he do other stuff besides being a youtuber? Cos that house must have cost millions, serious asking not dissing or anything, i love his videos esp the room tour setup

    58. Fluymer

      Holy shit what a house

    59. VERONICA

      Beautiful house with a lot of character!!!! ❤️❤️❤️It!! Congratulations!! Have a blast putting it together!! Best part is Luna! 😎🤣she’s a cutie!!! Looking forward to seeing your new setup!! 🤗it’s gonna be sick!!’😃

    60. Browny

      hey mate congrats, very jealous of your place, just bought a new house myself and doesnt quite compare haha. house prices must be a little different in the USA compared to here in Australia at the moment

    61. Alex B

      4:46 “We don’t really play volleyball, but it looks nice” Literally sums up everything in the house.

    62. Tarius Hilll

      dude congrats thats truly a dream house

    63. OGtalks

      Very inspirational mate !! Great work and keep the awesome vids coming .. As for your set-up just start moving your stuff in and it’ll take shape naturally , don’t over-think it . Ps. You don’t want boring like unbox therapy with all that space ..

    64. TheHarshguy

      Congrats on the house. Seems like the NLname grind has paid off (and will hopefully continue paying off).

    65. Daimaō

      The McMansion dream

    66. TylorPC

      What a beautiful house

    67. XxEtho

      I wish I had a house like that like if you agree

    68. Inferno Man

      To be honest if I had enough money to have own an actual house this might be the perfect one

    69. Kappa123

      weird flex but ok

    70. matt boxall

      Such a nice house. Well done. Good work. :)

    71. Zen

      What's your address I'm gonna give you a gaming carpet

    72. Moises

      4:20 “got a nice little dick” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    73. Linux Penguin

      This is awesome news. Congrats to you both!

    74. Patrick Pamanian

      this house is amazing. congrats to you two!

    75. KevyD77

      Lovely house mate, very nice. I would be concerned about having a studio and all that expensive equipment in my basement with direct access from outside though. Hope you’re gonna secure it up like the Pentagon. Well done on your achievements!

    76. Digital Bullet

      So i get it, the most useless human beings in the world such as yourself get a NLname channel, video record yourself on a device that some one else invented, record yourself reselling merchandise that someone else invented, put on a little fascist personality and you get everything handed to you, i see how the world works, un-fuckin real !!!!

    77. Manny The Engineer

      dream yard congrats

    78. P.G.


    79. Iam Social


    80. Reid

      Congrats on the house.. I just hope you know what you're doing. I see a lot of youtubers with these nice big houses thinking that this youtube thing will last their lifetime. I'd be saving my money if I were you but enjoy it while you can. Cheers.

    81. Joshua Most

      That oven is like a wormer for stuff you just baked.

    82. Baka Pierre

      okay, this might sound random. but before you start moving everything in. you should time how quickly you can run throughout the entire house. I mean all the rooms and everything. also, you have enough room in your new studio for a green and blue screen. might be time to explore that aspect. you can also do some nature tech reviews like those time progression videos. home security camera reviews. a video servaline set up would be boss af. and now you can also get some proper drone usage in.

    83. Kelvin Nakamura

      Grats! Great to see that

    84. Stunl3y

      Good for you , the reason why you are doing so well imo is because you are so dam likeable

    85. lil oboy

      how many trips to ikea will it be?

    86. Two22

      This should’ve been titled Room Tour Project

    87. Vkrin

      they do make robot lawnmowers btw

    88. Eddie Arafa

      Congratulations Frank, happy for you :)

    89. Cem Saka

      You guys are goals. Beautiful woman you've got there! Congrats pal!

    90. Ryan Moore

      Congrats on the new house!

    91. ediroll33

      Hi Frank, I never comment on NLname videos, but since I have loved and stuck with your channel, I am really happy for you and the misses, congrats

    92. Puddingcraft

      The "thing" in your kitchen is a steamer, you steam food in it.

    93. Shwet Sahamate

      Congrats man that’s a nice house

    94. o'gamingSCV

      Put smart lights in your Studio.

    95. CptFlubberGasket

      Damn, good shit Frank.

    96. Kuna

      dude ur house is amazing. i think the community would be really interested in what you do with it

    97. Kevin Bruce

      Congratulations bro!! Awesome property and home! And the studio will be 🔥

    98. Ricardo Coloma

      induction oven

    99. Ricardo Coloma

      beautiful home

    100. Chris G

      I want HGTV updates.