My 2020 INSANE Gaming Setup / Studio Tour!


1,3 mln. weergaven256

    It's 2020, let's kick off the decade with a look into my gaming setup!
    ▽ All gear shown in order ▽
    • BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
    • Sigma 50mm:
    • Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
    • Lilliput 12" Field Monitor:
    • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:
    • LG 27GL850 27" Monitor:
    • Artifox Monitor Riser:
    Razer Huntsmen TE:
    • Model O Mouse:
    • Topo Mousepad:
    • Sennheiser HD800 S Headphones:
    • Headphone Stand:
    • Encore One Transparent Speakers:
    • JDS Labs El DAC:
    • JDS Labs El AMP:
    • OSMI ITX PC Build:
    • Vertagear Triiger 350 Chair:
    • Aputure 120d II Lights:
    Primary Gaming Setup
    • LG 34GK950F-B 34" UltraGear:
    • RGB Light Strip:
    Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard:
    • Pudding Keycaps:
    • Razer Viper Ultimate:
    • Amazon Echo Spot:
    • Madcatz Glide 38 Pad:
    • Grace M9 AMP & DAC:
    • 58X Jubilee Headphones:
    • Philips SHPP9500 Headphones:
    • Kanto YU5 Speakers:
    • Speaker Mounts:
    • Herman Miller Embody Chair:
    • Tomons Desk Lamp:
    My PC / Desk
    • Phanteks Evolv X Case:
    • Intel i9-9900KS CPU:
    • Deepcool Castle 360EX:
    • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM:
    • ASUS Maximus XI Formula:
    • ASUS STRIX RTX 2080Ti:
    • Phanteks Fan Frames:
    • Sabrent Rocket Pro 1TB:
    • LaCie 2big RAID 16TB:
    • IKEA Countertop:
    • Alex Drawers:
    • Leg Stand Risers:
    Entertainment Setup:
    • LG 65" 4K OLED TV:
    • DreamScreen TV RGB Lights:
    • Tripod Floor Lamp:
    • Coffee Table:
    • Floating Shelves:
    • Modern Chair:
    • Grey Futon:
    Music: Ooyy - "Tei"

    FTC Disclosure: Amazon links provided are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account & support the channel at no extra cost to you.

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    1. Derrick Martin

      Let’s see the 2021 Setup

    2. mixitrix 05

      Where do yall get your money from?

    3. Patrick Wulfe

      Your ergonomics would be much better if you had the one screen on the bottom, and the two above. This would also allow you to put your speakers with the tweeters at ear level and to bring them in some. For those types of speakers, you want to make an equilateral triangle with them and yourself, the way you have them set up now is making your audio much wider than it is in reality. That being said, I really dig the set up!

    4. Kairav Krishna

      Not A new year it was a punishment

    5. The LazyBear Channel

      omg i am watching this video exactly 1 year later

    6. Julian Rohne

      Damn, his electric bill gotta be high

    7. Pizza Daddy

      Can you link your monitor wall mounts for your PC set up?

    8. EBDubs

      if you have $1,800 headphones why don't you use it?

    9. Juicy Fruit

      i wish i had setup like that

    10. Y 0 K E

      his room is brighter than my future

    11. Jo Mack

      15:55 yes

    12. Jeff Kapas

      Did you change out the chair piston with the stock one?

    13. Bhavya Patel

      HI, What would you do if you had to hook up 3 monitors but only had 1 hdmi port and 1 usbc port, for gaming, so like 1080p@165Hz?

    14. tretased amtungpong

      Frank just use hd58x for gaming instead of his own hd800s+element 2.

    15. [GD] loli

      imagine the electricity bill...

    16. bulcub

      are those speaker wires going into the wall on the stands? or how do you have them mounted? Thanks

    17. TechieShu

      Why game is that sniper gameplay on the ultrawide monitor?

    18. Vincent Nunez

      Me : Oh that's looks like a great setup! Lets see how much it costs. Me grabs my wallet My wallet : *Don't even think about it*

    19. Name Text

      Es una M13rd@

    20. Paradox_Oak

      what mount do you use for your monitors, I really like how they're two on bottom and one on top i feel like it would make me be able to focus better without monitors on either side of me.

    21. Eternal Rainbows

      What is your secondary desk? The matte black one.

    22. Will Weiss

      I don’t think he’s anyone’s favorite NLnamer but he’s a close 32nd

    23. Tingel-Tangel Bob

      9:10 hihi nice

    24. Omar AL-Rashid



      He’s just flexing the whole time

    26. Daphne Calimlim

      it so cool

    27. Michael TB23

      Little did he know how bad 2020 was gonna be

    28. Patrick Tessier

      This seems to be a K100 wrist rest you have. I thought the mechanism to connect to the K100 was different using a magnetic connector hence, not compatible. What wrist rest are you using??


      Omg i feel haunted now Im about to like the vid and as i was looking at the ammounts of dislikes and likes the dislikes had 666 as it so im sorry but I have to dislike so i dont feel haunted plus likes dont do anything other than shows up more so one more dislike wont do much to frank

    30. Michael Buckley

      The dislikes right now is 666

    31. Alex di Florio

      his electrical bill is as high as snoop dog

    32. Rohit

      When you look at his setup Ohhhhhh his PC is going to be sooo good Randomfrankp thsi is my PC A smalll pc

    33. Ryzen

      Bro you're supposed to be running water through that motherboard. The VRM's are probably fine because it's a nice motherboard but if you do any overclocking they'll start cooking lol.

    34. The Connoisseur

      i would probably upgrade the mouse mat as it is a bit small and you could get a larger one to fill your up your whole desk

    35. Lucas Fernandez

      can someone pls tell me where he got the red keycaps for the razer hunstman

    36. Aj Rojas

      Remember the how to forest series that was god like

    37. Beast 1232

      Nobody gonna talk about his 1400$ USD headphones.

      1. Beast 1232

        I meant 1,000 but then I had to go eat dinner so I forgot about commenting sorry

      2. randomfrankp

        I don’t have $3000 headphones.

    38. I_love_rec_room

      I actually know something that you should upgrade, your rift s, the valve index is much better especially with how godly the specs on your pc is making your vr experience SO much better

    39. Masked

      Can we just thank him for taking the time to out sooooo many links in the description

    40. ARS I.K

      Loved your setup your setup is my inspiration

    41. Ruben SundellBostrom

      Just a Lil flex in the intro '-'

    42. orphin king

      woah! sick setup

    43. Matthew Fleischman

      How high is your primary desk above the ground? what is the height of your chair at the desk? Loved your setup and I tried to create something similar, but I.m having issues finding a chair tall enough with the legs under the worktop.

    44. Hope Astrays

      Watching this just makes me feel like wow, how much does this guy make?

      1. Ralph Herdman

        He can write off most of it if not all because he uses it for YT.

    45. sampur2

      I need to know what the MOUNT IS FFS

    46. morgan godfrey

      people seemed so innocent when they didnt know covid was coming :(

    47. Heavytech 777

      Has a chair that sells for over 1k$ and uses a back pad on it lmao. Even odder that you say it's comfortable but need the back pad. Not that I blame you, the Embody has some uncomfortable pressure points.

    48. Oscar Thorne

      Ohh the electricity bill

    49. Augmented Keys

      Your Kanto speakers are placed too high.

    50. Augmented Keys

      Where in the hell did you get the money for this stuff?

    51. Pixelfaz Y

      having 4 moniters i just a flex how can you play on 4 monitors at the same time.

    52. Fizz

      What are your monitor mounts?

    53. Jett Games

      The 2020 Frank knows better and overall better...

    54. Ronen Margolov

      the cable managmant is meh.

    55. Anthony Billett

      how do you have your speakers set up on the wall by your desk? are they wired or wireless?

    56. Emanuele

      Is a home not a studio

      1. Emanuele

        @randomfrankp now I saw 😂

      2. randomfrankp

        You’re looking at it

      3. Emanuele

        @randomfrankp nope 😅

      4. randomfrankp

        Ever heard of a home studio??

    57. Devin Liu

      the risers for your desk do you just lay the counter top on the two sets of risers or there is something keeping it still?

    58. Ray Allen

      What's the model of the amp on 4:31 next to the PC?

    59. Notcs

      holy jesus, nice setup

    60. ArkanChris

      Where is the shelve from at 5:07??

    61. Lizard of Oz

      Frank- has $2,000 chair Also Frank- uses extra lumbar pillow

    62. Cyber Gaming Tech

      I mean 6:11

    63. Cyber Gaming Tech

      frank can u say me what's the name of the game you played while introducing your primary pc

    64. Max

      It looks very cheap maybe because of the IKEA furniture and the fake brick wall.

    65. Ömer Tiftik

      Rich , as always XD

    66. Eric D. Evans.

      that fuckin chair is 1500 dollars. id never justify spending that much money on a damn chair. im sure its nice, but thats just ridiculous

    67. Capital City

      Waitt holon, so he works alone?

    68. TurtleSauceGaming

      I'm running a triple monitor setup and I've himed and hauled about switching one day to one ultrawide for my gaming PC and run my triple setup on my server pc. Also, LMAO, 16tb. I'm up to 30 tb! God I need help....

    69. ツImpactXx

      This is how much money he spent on this room 👇

    70. CesarTheGr8at

      I noticed your desk is about 98 in long, I was planning on getting a 63 in x 23 table top cause that’s how much room I have to work with plus a 25 by 23 table top to form an L shape desk. Do you think that’ll be enough room for a pc and three monitors?

    71. forceusr

      Anyone have a link for the wallpaper on the main gaming setup? The snowy forest?

    72. UndyingEuphoria

      What mount does he use for his pc monitors?

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      *I Think He Likes Black And White A Little...*

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      Could you give me a little keyboard

    75. SH1FTZ

      Is it just me or I thought the Xbox series X PC was a speaker 😂😂😂

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      Where did he get the shelf that has Groot on it

    77. Quakewr

      Have you considered entering setup wars?

    78. Elijah Rocio

      Nice set up

    79. Dominik obviouslee

      Buy bezel free kit to

    80. Sleepy Charlie

      Power for speakers and monitors run through the wall I take it? I'll never have cable management that clean unless I hire someone lol

    81. Hacktag17_ YT

      7:15 has anyone noticed his amp on his desk with 69 on it lmao.

    82. katefan kateaboss

      hi omg show mw ur best set up beacuse i wanted to start making vids and trying to mae a gaming room what should i use to do that i wanted mine to kinda look like usernamethis gaming setup

    83. Aarin Yusuf

      6:50 "I kind of like this orientation" WTF MAN, U SPEND 100 GRAND ON GAMING STUFF AND U KIND OF LIKE IT!!

    84. Aarin Yusuf

      the secondary setup is better than the first, and all the electroniscs in his room are worth 600000 dollars, AND WHY DO U NEED TO SPEND 10000 DOLLARS ON SPEAKERS, WHEN U USE HEADPHONES

    85. N BChox

      Sad setup

      1. Cancerous Nut

        Cry 🤡

    86. Taylor Shaw

      If u have any spare items pleas get in touch with me

    87. TehTarik DIY

      you have the most sickest stuff dude...!!!

    88. Jose Velez

      I know he said this is a 48-inch matte black desk. However, does anyone know the name of the desk?

    89. Morty Ofmuskoka

      What is the main desk he has there with the different colours of wood?

    90. FallenSun

      @randomfrankp What do you use for the karlby countertop to clean it? Do you have to use some special wood oil?

    91. Henrry Reyes

      his headphone cost more then my whole setup lmao

    92. KW C

      want to know more about the underglow lights behind your desk, could you cover this part in your 2021 setup tour? Thanks.

    93. Danomix


    94. Denver Gonazales

      Everybody gangsta until the electric bill show up

    95. SHKIPER

      Мне одному кажется что больше всего он отдаёт за электричество

    96. Scytrix

      that is the most amazing looking pc i've ever seen in my life

    97. Scytrix

      that is the most amazing looking pc i've ever seen in my life

    98. Ignacio Isla Martinez

      why nowbody never links the wallpaper :/

    99. Vaskedama

      You don't even have a soundbar for your tv?

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