Cool Tech Under $50 - May!


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    It's that time of the month, a new episode of Cool Tech Under $50!
    🔥Evolv Sound Mini:
    🔥Headphone Stand/Charger:
    🔥Switch Tester:
    🔥ChargePlay: - code FRANK for $10 off

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    • BMPCC 6k Camera:
    • Sigma 18-35 Lens:
    • Sigma 50mm:
    • Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
    • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:
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    1. randomfrankp

      Hey everyone! Been getting lots of people asking for my logo shirt:

      1. Bult Yadav


      2. Bult Yadav


      3. Omar Hussain

        Hey Frank, where can I find your OffWhite wallpaper for the 11 Pro?

      4. su susano

        penipu kw marwan . kw yg sdh selingkuh

      5. InfiniteNote

        randomfrankp where can we get that gray topographical mousepad???? Plz

    2. Ludwigvan

      I bought the headset stand and it is not a wireless charger.

    3. Cisco Chavez

      Hey, you might never see this, but 1. Merry Christmas and 2. What’s the best place to buy a prebuilt pc with a $1k budget?

    4. AlpineAnimates


      1. randomfrankp

        Used to be 🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. Folty Boi

      1000th comment

    6. Nick Drake

      Hey, would you mind sending me 24 box Pale blue switches? I have a TKL red dragon keyboard but red switches are horrible

    7. Michael Anders

      Is it weird the the caption said fan sex holder

    8. Frick Scout

      I really wanna get that key switch tester as just like a stress reliever thing 😅

    9. Steve Jobs

      giveaway: a potato

    10. Rux Grindz

      Just wanted to say to everyone that god loves you

    11. TryMyMartini

      You can apparently get RGB on everything these days.

    12. geoff. evan


    13. LALShortShot

      Bruh 20 dollars for 6 switches that's way to much

    14. Tashan Kiru

      1000 comment lets go

    15. SpanySpan

      6:10 BUTTHADGDAMP for this video

    16. Math Quik


    17. westt

      “myyy iphone 11 pro max” suttle flex 😂

    18. Time Traveller Guy

      Frank: next is a switch tester Me, who is gonna get an Apex Pro: I don’t have such weaknesses

    19. Ghouzzszn

      1:49 is he playing skate 4

    20. Karl San

      Hey I’m trying to find if you had a review for the Phillips SHP9500

    21. Subdubbin2

      The phone controller is going to overheat your phone when gaming.

    22. Sreeniketh Raghavan

      That headphone stand is a game changer! Would love to win that!

    23. Jetrin 18

      Do the rgb speakers work for a console?

    24. Jackson Morgan

      never fail to make me buy something

    25. Sreekumar Murali

      those phanteks speakers are the best great sound quality

    26. Tristin Levy

      1:54 what’s this game?

      1. Corban Brophy

        TheTramiTrain skate 3?

    27. Dumb Dad's Tech

      Frank P! I just recently started my dream a very own Gaming and tech NLname channel of my own. I’m reaching out to a couple of my favorite NLnamers that have given me inspiration to do this and you were one of them. Right now my channel is very small like friends and family small LOL what are your best tips and inspiration for growing a channel

    28. burnzy3210

      gaming while wirelessly charging, yeah you're phone's gonna love that

    29. xBMTHxMOVEx

      What skateboarding game was that?

    30. louis hornbeck


    31. Phobia

      my man coming in with the quick flex of an off white wallpaper lol

    32. Kyle Jarvis

      1:59 what extended mouse pad is that

    33. Will Gregor

      What's the wallpaper being used at 3:01? Looks amazing!

    34. lilc drilc

      2:00 what game?????

    35. Kos

      It would make sense to add functionality to switch tester, like to be able to use it as a numpad or as a macro board, so that there is still use for it after you buy the actual keyboard you want.

    36. khushant 007

      I not need macro camera Because my phone net speed is very low and I can see pixel of my screen

    37. Justin

      Does anyone know a legit site I can find the headphone stand at? It's been listed as unavailable on Amazon for me for awhile now 😩

    38. NOTCOLD 831

      My favorite piece of tech were the evolv sound mini i hope 🤞 i win🤞

    39. D1amond_Playz

      My birthday is in May

    40. MooseIsIn

      Ok that's cool but what about 0?

    41. fraz hero


    42. Colin Smis

      That headset stand is really cool I want it

    43. Colin Smis


    44. Joseph Lance

      I’m trying to find that small under the desk pedal exercise in one of your cool tech video. Help

    45. Esenfur

      yo @randomfrankP do you recommend any powered usb hubs? could you squeeze it in next viedeo?

    46. levy tenthije

      oof my almost my hole setup is of your tech under 50 dollars

    47. Jermaine Dean

      This man found a dead bee and was like. "You'll make great content"

      1. ye et

        logan paul be like 👀

    48. Archie Sommerville

      Could I get the RGB headphone Stand with wireless charger for the giveaway

    49. Archie Sommerville

      I have been trying to make my own pc setup and I have been watching all your videos for advice, have just got some new headphones so could I get the rgb headphone Stand with wirles charger

    50. Vince Pellejera

      Oooou that headphone stand would be useful

    51. Alex A

      im buying the switch tester just for the novel creams

    52. Giovanni P.

      Bruh where do you get these Off-White wallpapers

    53. Muhannad Ahmed

      Omg that stand thoo

    54. Aakil Deepak

      Couldn't find the headphone stand anywhere lol

    55. Jesse Lemon

      10 dollars of when you use code frank , i gotta do what i gotta do...yeah i see you gotta make money lol sneaky .-..GG

    56. jowii


    57. Greg Dreelin

      I look forward to these videos and found some great tech I had not seen yet. Love that TinyScope for the camera on the phone pretty bad @$$! Keep the great vids coming.

    58. El Arre

      I think I need more than anything the headphone stand but that lens is something else👌🏻

    59. Markus EDC

      Where do I get the desk mat?

    60. Carlin Booth

      yo frank are you still doing the give aways? if so i'd definitely appreciate the rgb speakers

    61. Popgo

      I like how he understands that we dont have 250 dollars sitting around

    62. morgan Smith

      The sound mini seackers because i have been looking a new pair for my set up and they are dope

    63. Alex LuckyAlpha_08

      Favorite item is the headphone stand- my wife might stop yelling at me for leaving my headset laying around and for taking her phone charger!

    64. luke

      doea anyone else watch vidoes in 1.5 soeed because you cant be bothered listening to them drone on for ages

    65. Nolan Pardon

      My favorite item is the evolve mini sound PS fun vid

    66. Ege Tunaveli

      i like the headphone stand

    67. i am mouspad

      he is a legend!!

    68. TJs Gaming

      I like the tiny scope but it’s too expensive, everything is good tho

    69. zombspamsLT

      do what i gotta do to save yall money you act like your losing money from that your getting money every time one of us use the code

    70. Julio Aguilar

      The tiny scope seems like an amazing gadget, would love to get one lol

    71. FissilePear

      The evolv sound mini is unavailable 😥

    72. y3m1

      Tiny scope pls n thank u :)

    73. yodhanhunter

      I love the look of that headphone hanger with the phone charger. That’s a smart combo unit.

    74. James Verrico

      I really wanna know what cream & nolive switches so my favorite one is the switch tester.

    75. Solid

      That headphone stand is by far the best one i’ve seen for that price. That’s my fave one

    76. Le Epic Fortnite Funnies XD Funny Montage LOL

      That speaker looks sick! The RGB with the small design would make it fit in perfectly with my setup- by far my favorite

    77. Levi Butler

      It would be great to see a video on what tech you still use after x months. Like 1 year later, you still use tech that was showcased in multiple months throughout a years worth of great tech. Show case the best of the best, again.

    78. Chase Allen

      what game was that at 1:52?

    79. Akuma is depressed

      i would want the headphone charger thing thx

    80. Sektu

      What about my nokia at 4:53

    81. Lati Ju

      Love your lock screen wallpaper can you link it or something?

    82. Shyba

      heey sick lock screen can we get that wallpaper ?

    83. Curtis Farrior

      The key switch thing was a dumb and lazy inclusion.

      1. Curtis Farrior

        @randomfrankp every content creator with over a thousand subs before quarentine is at an all time high. And that's true "dumb and lazy" was shit criticism. That was my dumb and lazy way of saying what I meant, which I suppose warranted the ill response. It's understandable that it's harder to make these videos with the shipping time increases. I use to come to your channel all the time to find shit to throw money at and haven't been able to lately and that felt like a waste of an item and therefore my time(my subconscious perspective at the time) I apology for my initial response and then the response to my own attitude that you reflected towards of no fault. I feel nothing I said was wrong but had the incorrect tone. Maybe try broadening price to a higher amount? Not for me specifically but because you could find more interesting deals as well.

      2. randomfrankp

        It wasnt sponsored or else I'd be legally obligated to say so. Also, 'seems like I'm running out of ideas' I mean come on dude, during a quarantine where everything takes 3 weeks to ship admittedly makes the series harder to control and get things in lol - think about it. Saying "dumb and lazy" for the inclusion is just shit criticism. But funny you like to bash the state of the channel as well, views and monthly subs wise, we're nearly at a all-time high 👍🏼

      3. Curtis Farrior

        @randomfrankp not enough to cry about lol , just had a hard time buying what you were selling on how useful it is. Seems like a sponsored product because all that is , is "before you spend a lot money with our company take this chance to spend just a fraction of it before hand so you can spend even more with our company" seems like a product designed only to get the company more money because it doesn't seem useful at all. And instead of finding another item you went "hey ,people love keyboard vids , I need another item, and this one involves keyboard stuff" and threw it in. Hi early this series is becoming a little dead on your channel as you're running out of ideas for new tech under the small price point to feature. You can notice in each video what items you threw in without much research or the ones that are useful in anyway but you include and hype them up regardless. And then the response you give to your viewers who actually pay attention enough to your content to notice these things 😂 you lost a sub, honestly it should've been lost like a year ago but the act of unsubbing to a channel is hard apparently, like PewDiePie's sub vs view count. Good luck with you channel , 2 more years tops

      4. randomfrankp


    84. LENNO

      I always get very excited when I see a new CoolTech under 50$, I would love to get on of those great speakers. They would completely fit into my setup. Love your vids, keep up the great work.

    85. Lina Is Gay Trash

      Speakers : I'm trying to build a gaming setup so some rgb speakers would be awesome

    86. Youtube Viewer

      Can you do a tech under $100, $200, $500? Thanks!

    87. Wes J Dixon

      That Headphone Stand/Charger looks cool

    88. Alex D

      I really loved those switches i have been looking for new ones of my steelseries apex 3 keyboard b/c they have very wierd switches i would really love to be entered in the giveaway

    89. SublethalCape5

      Love the cool tech under 50 series. My favorite this time has to be the headphone stand. Pretty practical. Definitely need one as I build my school desk setup.

    90. Kirill Korneev

      I like the speakers because they fit my setup #speakers

    91. yaojia bai

      Hello ,i'm amazon seller ,We are now looking for an excellent editor to post products on your sites/ Blogger/ social networking. It would be great if you could let me know if you may be of interest in this.

    92. Rishabh Bhatia

      Hey Frank, great video as always. How about some audio stuff for under $50 or $100, earphones or headphones?

    93. Flipz1x

      My favourite item was the headphone stand

    94. Danny Mc

      #Headphone stand/charger 😁

    95. Alfredo Rossi

      I want the headset stand.🤑

    96. DIY GalaXy 0.0

      He is the reason i started my own channel!

    97. Diego Cabral

      mini speakers i wan tpls gibe me i need them beacuase i don thave

    98. Mika Dearty


    99. VITARTA


    100. Colin Graham