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  1. oI Scrapp Io

    That soundcard isn't it chief.

  2. khuaph

    Do these work on xbox?

  3. Whatever

    what desk is dat? and what size?

  4. Radish Juice

    Not gonna lie, that velocifier keyboard is sick and not 60% but still being compact!

  5. Shaurya Tandon

    Hey frank, I don’t think you will se this, but can you please make a tkl keyboard under 60. I really want to get one but I don’t know what to get.

  6. Dark Flamemaster

    I love the key bored because its really good for its price and I dont have a key bored and my pc that is my berth day present sorry not trying to be big headed I also left a like 😄

  7. Job Carbajal

    When I don’t have a pic or a monitor and I have never ever won something in my life and I really want something like a monitor or some thing small plzz thank you

  8. Natsu Dragneel

    What happens if sweat from sweaty hands get in there?

  9. Kaeden Lewis

    am i the only one that doesnt like loud keyboards 😂

  10. ceptic ferox

    Any good recomendations for someone who only cares about the sound and not the mic under 50?

  11. Daniel Westh Lonning

    TKL gang like if ur in the gang

  12. ERT Navix

    The BBB says that Glorious PC gaming race is really bad and they scam people, should I still buy it?

  13. Casual Tech

    this is literally a ducky one 2 mini with some pewdiepie keycaps.

  14. Kyandro Van Den Heuvel

    its mouse not mice

    1. randomfrankp

      Try again.

  15. Alma 605c


  16. Sam Callan

    So I was watching this video to confirm the Corsair K100 was the over the top keyboard I didn't need but was going to buy anyway. Then I was like well lets just see the winner so stayed watching the video and the moment I saw the LED dial, modular features of the Everest Keyboard I was sold. Thanks for the great video I'm glad I watched it and well Ihope the keyboard arrives soon.

  17. Verocity

    I would like the camera lens for my mom she loves photography😊

  18. Fadi

    Its a GK61 with different keycaps.

  19. Gore Melian

    I need the filter lens for my camera it would help me with youtube vieeos. 😊 📸

  20. Di Ma

    i just ordered the xyper x 2 wired, crossing my fingers

  21. Gljoey

    I have a k55

  22. Jurgis Zi

    Yea so I liked the ND/CPL and the PC cable. Well I liked the filter, cause I do a lot of photography and stuff. That would be good for travelling for needing only 1 filter instead of 6. And I liked the cable, cause I will be building PC next month or something. So of course I will buy that cause I'm going with a white and black theme computer

  23. Aleksi Katajamäki

    I'm listening this on g pro x

  24. MegaChelax

    Anyone able to find the keyboard in EU?

  25. Ryan Danino

    YO P nice man...... Quick Question.. does the keyboard come with a PC and Monitor? Asking from a friend.

  26. Matthew Hieatzman

    Where do you get your custom cables?

  27. Ryan Danino

    Ummmmm..... The last onne. Whyyy? Coz like Edu and Rey need it lmoa. Its for those Barner Glasses.

  28. Wizard RBX

    will these work for xbox

  29. Uncle Iroh

    Which ones will go over my ears and not press them against my head

  30. Millennial Mike

    I wish cost wasn't such a big consideration for all of these. I would like to see a "Best budget mouse" and a "best mouse period" category.

  31. Arturo Hernan Maidana Chavez

    So what's the point of a not finish $350 keyboard ?